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In LaunchPad, instructors can create branches of courses to serve as copies of a master course that are linked to that master. Changes an instructor makes to the master flow to the branches, however, changes made to a branch do not flow back to the master or to any other branch.

Please act on a few best practices:

  • Once you activate a branch, it will have a unique URL, which you should give to your students as you would any other course. If you're not sure how, see the help article How do I activate my course? (How do I make my course available to students?).
  • If you're using a master course as a place to push changes to your branches, and you don't want students to enroll in it, don't activate the master. Activate only the branches and send your students from each section the appropriate course URL and enrollment instructions.
  • In each branch title, include the section number and the days and times the class meets. Doing so will help ensure students enroll in the correct course.


Go to your course dashboard

If you are taken directly into a course upon log in, you will need to get to your course dashboard. To get to your course dashboard, click the drop-down arrow to the right of your name at the top of your screen, and then click Switch/Create Courses. If you are taken directly to your dashboard upon log in, skip to the next step.


Branch a course

To create a section of a course, click Branch this course or Create another branch. You'll see the latter if you've created branches before, but the former if you've never branched a course.


Confirm that you wish to branch a course

If this is your first branch, a box will appear explaining what course branching is. Click the button that says Yes, I’d like to branch this course.


Click "Create"

Fill out your course branch information, and click the Create button.


Confirm that your branch is appearing correctly in your dashboard

You can now see your course branch in the dashboard. When you're ready, you must activate the branch to open it for student registration. If you're not sure how, please see How do I activate my course? (How do I make my course available to students?).


If you have used zero scoring for unsubmitted assignments, please read below:

Do not activate your new course until after you've updated it with your new dates. For information on how to use the Batch Due Date Updater to change due dates, please read the help article How do I change multiple assignment due dates at once (to move assignments from one term to the next)?.

In particular, be sure not to activate your course until after you've updated it with your new dates if you're using the Zero Scores for Unsubmitted Assignments feature. If you copy a course with this feature enabled and do not update the due dates prior to activating the course, students will receive 0's for every assignment. If that has already happened, please contact tech support.