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We highly recommend you review Homework Assignment Requirements and Best Practices before beginning to create Homework Assignments.

Note: These three-course approach notes do not pertain to new titles released in Fall of 2017 or later, including:

  • Moore, Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, 9e
  • Moore, Statistics: Concepts and Controversies, 9e
  • Sowder, Reconceptualizing Mathematics, 3e

If you are teaching with one of these courses, you can preview assignments following the instructions in the help article How do I preview a Homework activity question? and still choose to edit them later.

Once a student has submitted an attempt in a Homework assignment, you will be unable to make edits to questions and question settings for that assignment. This includes when you take the Homework assignment as a student in View as Student mode. For this reason, we are recommending a three-course approach as outlined below. If you need a question edited after the assignment has been locked, you can use a workaround described in the help article How do I edit the content of a question in a locked Homework assignment?.

If you want to be able preview a Homework assignment, you will need to create a special branch of your course to be used solely for previewing Homework assignments. Please follow the instructions below to see how to do this. Otherwise, remember to make edits to all of the questions and settings before students begin the activity and avoid previewing the activity in View as Student mode.


Create a course and label it Parent or Master

The goal of the Parent course is to create a pristine copy of the course that you can use to create new courses without restriction. Student activity should be confined to branches (copies) of the Parent course.

For more information on how to create a course, please refer to the help article How to Create a New Course.


Build the desired Homework Assignments in the Parent course

For more information on creating Homework Assignments, please refer to the help article How do I create a Homework activity?.


Branch the course for review purposes

To review a Homework Assignment as a student, branch the course for review purposes. For more information on how to branch a course, please refer to the help article How do I create course sections that are connected to a master?.

Follow the instructions in the help article How do I preview a Homework activity question? to start viewing questions in your review branch. After you review the homework assignments, edit desired settings or questions in the Parent course.



Branch the course for student enrollment

Create another branch of your course for student enrollment.

When the semester begins, activate the branch you created for student enrollment. For more information on how to activate a course, please refer to the help article How do I activate my course? (How do I make my course available to students?). Leave the Parent course and review branch inactive to avoid students enrolling in those courses.