LaunchPad > How do I remove content from a LaunchPad unit?

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Note: While you can add individual items back into your course if you remove them, you cannot currently re-add a unit if you remove it. If you have removed a unit and wish to restore it, please contact tech support.

Locate the item to remove

Click to expand the LaunchPad unit you would like to remove an item from (in this case, Chapter 3).

Click on the image to zoom in.

Click "More Options"

With your mouse, hover over the item you’d like to remove (Section 3b, in this case) and click the More Options button on the right.

Click on the image to zoom in.

Click "Remove"

Click on the image to zoom in.


When the prompt appears asking if you’re sure you’d like to remove the section, click the Remove button.


The item is removed

The section will no longer appear in the LaunchPad unit. However, you can always add any item you've removed back into the unit. It is never permanently deleted. See the help article Adding Removed Content Back into a LaunchPad Unit.