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This article is for questions that were authored using the Advanced Editor. To determine if the question you are working with was authored with the Advanced Editor, choose to “Edit Questions.” If in the line just below the title of the question, you see “Advanced” then the following directions apply.


By default, tolerance is not the same for each question since the nature of each question is different, but it is set up within each question where appropriate.





Click “Edit”

When the question editor screen is open, numerical answer blanks will be indicated with a hash sign “#”


Double click on the hashtag sign of the answer blank where you would like to change the tolerance.

A “Numeric Response Editor” screen will open.

  • Note: each answer blank can have a separate tolerance (so in the example, all four answer blanks could have different tolerances).

Click on the pencil icon to edit the tolerance


Type into the Tolerance field to change the tolerance

  • The current tolerance setting of this answer blank is “0” which means only answers equivalent to 0.75 will be accepted. If the instructor would like to accept a range of 0.73 -- 0.77 for example, then the tolerance should be edited to 0.02, then the “Weight” will need to be changed to “1”,
  • Click Save next to the Tolerance, and then Click “Save” at the bottom of the Numeric Response Editor to exit the editor.
  • Note: the “Weight” field signifies how much weight the particular answer blank will be worth--you can have it weighted more than 1 if you choose to. By default, all answer blanks are weighted as “1” but when you change the tolerance or the correct answer you need to re-specify the weight of that particular answer blank.