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You can make an assignment worth extra credit, which means that the assignment will add to earned points, but not to total points. You can do this when you create the assignment or later when you edit the assignment settings.

Note: Extra Credit can only be indicated with settings on assignments, not categories (regardless of how you name the category).

Settings to give extra credit

Edit the assignment

To alter the settings for an assignment from your LaunchPad home page, hover your cursor over the assignment, click More Options, then select Edit.


Click "Assignment" tab

You may see Assign Due Date instead depending on your LaunchPad.


Put a check mark in the "Extra credit" box

Any assignment which you designate extra credit will only count toward your students' grades if they do some part of the assignment. The points earned will be added to a student’s Earned Points. No points will be added to Total Possible Points. In other words, the extra credit assignment can only improve an overall grade.


Click "Save Changes"


Impact on overall grades

The impact on the overall grading depends upon your grading preference. There are two possible scenarios.


Impact on a Points-based grading system

Since any assignment which you designate extra credit will add to a student’s Earned Points without increasing the Total Possible Points, then the extra credit assignment can only improve a grade.


Impact on a Weighted Percentage-based grading system

For weighted grading, the extra credit assignment should be placed in a category that also houses normally graded assignments. An extra credit assignment will add to the earned points in the category, but not to the total points within that category. The weighing percentage for the category will apply to the overall grade as expected. Greater than 100% will be allowed.

Note: Since extra credit assignments do not add to total points for a category, placing only extra credit assignments in one weighted category would have the effect of multiplying the weight by a percentage of zero total category points. This would result in the extra credit assignments having no impact on the final grade.

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