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After you complete the following steps, your new course will appear in your course dashboard and will contain all of the assignments, point values, due dates and settings of the course you copied. If you prefer to create a branch of a master course in order to create a course section, we recommend you read How do I create course sections that are connected to a master?

Warning: We strongly urge you to avoid deleting students from your current course and reusing it for the new semester because this can cause grading problems.


Go to your course dashboard if needed

If you are taken directly into a course upon log in, you will need to get to your course dashboard. To get to your course dashboard, click the drop-down arrow to the right of your name at the top of your screen, and then click "Switch/Create Courses." If you are taken directly to your dashboard upon log in, skip to the next step.


From your course dashboard, click "+ Create Course"


Confirm course creation

You will be asked to confirm that the product you are using to create the course is the same one that your students will be purchasing. Some products have multiple versions, and if titles are not exactly the same, your students may not be able to access your course.

Once you have confirmed your product, click Next.


Choose a course to copy

  1. When the box below appears asking if you’d like to base your new course on an existing course, select Yes.
  2. Select the course you wish to copy from in the list provided.
  3. Click Next.

Note: You can only create a copy of a master course. If your course has any branches, these cannot be copied.


Enter course information

Fill out the course information for your new course and then click the Create button.


View new course in dashboard

Your new course has been created and now appears at the top of your course dashboard.


Update due dates (optional)

After you copy a course from a previous semester, you may want to update the due dates on your assignments. To update all the dates at once, you can follow the instructions in the help article How do I change multiple assignment due dates at once (to move assignments from one term to the next)?. It's important to note that this step is optional, but updating your assignments will make using your copied course much easier.