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Our Present

Screen Views and Settings: LaunchPad is designed to honor high-contrast settings a user has set on their system. Additionally, custom style sheets can be used to alter both text and colors on the website. Text can be resized using both browser zoom and text resize functions to make the on-screen text easier to read. We do not use any ‘blinking’ functionality in the product, so that won’t be an issue. We do use alt-text for many photos in the book-specific content that appears within our digital products.

Captioning Content: The text of our books can generally be read aloud by screen reading software such as JAWS. The majority of our videos include captioning and, upon request, we can usually make a script available for the videos.

Assignment Settings:  The system is designed to allow instructors to give individual students or groups of students unique assignment settings, such as a quiz with no time constraints, that differ from the assignment settings of the full class. You can adjust these settings by student and by assignment for maximum flexibility.


Our Future

Navigation: Many elements in the LaunchPad product cannot currently be accessed using only the keyboard or by users that depend upon screen reader software (such as JAWS or VoiceOver).

Screen Views and Settings: LaunchPad uses alt-text for many pictures within the book-specific content; going forward, as new editions are released, we plan to have all the images have alt-text and have that text be both accurate and useful for someone who is unable to see the basic image; this will be an ongoing effort on our part.

Captioning Content: Although the text of our books can generally be read aloud by screen reading software such as JAWS, the ordering of the content on the page doesn’t always match the intention of the author. Additional multimedia, however, such as animations and PowerPoints may not include captioning or voice-overs; that will depend on the title in question, so please ask us for more information regarding a specific book’s LaunchPad.