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You may need to change the order of the gradebook columns, especially if you have recently added a new activity or rearranged the order of existing activities.

One-click reordering

The Reorder gradebook button can be found within the gradebook. Clicking this button will do a one-time sort of the gradebook items to make them match the relative order on the course page. Category assignments will not change. If you make subsequent changes to the course page order, you'll need to click Reorder gradebook again.

  1. From the gradebook, click the Categories and Items tab.

  1. Click Reorder gradebook.
  1. Click "Yes" to reorder Gradebook.

Manual reordering

As an alternative to the automatic ordering described above, you also have the option to manually re-order the gradebook columns.

  1. From your main course page, click Grades in the left navigation panel. 
  2. Click the Categories and Items tab at the top.

  1. Locate the activity that you’d like to move and click the Move button, which looks like a pair of arrows or harpoons.

  1. You will be prompted to click on a white rectangle representing the new location of the activity. 

Note that your gradebook may contain categories such as Ungraded or Extra Credit. You can move whole categories or move activities in or out of categories in the same way that you’d change the order of the items, described above. For more information on grade categories, see Advanced Gradebook Settings.