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LaunchPad Solo contains resources for you and your students. In this tutorial, we'll take a detailed look at both types separately. Click the following link to go to the landing page of LaunchPad Solo for Literature.

Video Walkthrough of LaunchPad Solo for Literature

To watch a screencast walkthrough of LaunchPad Solo for Literature, click the image below to play the video. Or, to read the article, scroll down to the text below the video.

Click on the image to play the video.

What resources are available for my students?

Let's explore this Interactive Module and its resources.


Respond to a Reading

Through marginal questions that refer to specific moments in the publisher-provided selection, students are asked to read carefully and think critically about important issues raised by the text. Once submitted, the student’s responses report to the instructor grade book.


Draw Connections

For this assignment, students are asked to read and compare two or more publisher-provided texts that illuminate each other. Each of the texts has been annotated to highlight key moments and helpful contextual information. Students are able to download both of the texts to facilitate comparison. Students are asked to respond in writing to a series of questions that highlight important similarities and differences between the two texts. Once submitted, the student’s responses will report to the instructor grade book.


Collaborate on a Reading

In this teacher-led assignment, instructors can upload their favorite text or choose from publisher-provided texts in order to create a customized lesson on close reading. Using the highlighting tools and notes features in LaunchPad, the instructor can post notes or questions about specific moments or issues in a text, prompting students to respond with their own comments, questions, or observations. Students can also respond to each other, further contributing to this collaborative reading, and deepening their understanding of the text.


Listen to a Reading

For this assignment, students are presented with an audio recording of the selection. This reading is accompanied by a series of questions asking them to reflect on key aspects of the recording, including the speaker’s delivery and tone, and how different readings can alter a reader or listener’s understanding.


Additional Student Resources

To see additional student resources, from your LaunchPad home page, click Resources, then Content by Type. You'll see a list of all the resources available to your students. We'll now take a closer look at those we haven't yet explored.


Author Preview Videos

Author videos on the elements of literature are perfect for the YouTube generation and include T.C. Boyle on comedy in fiction, Anne Rice on transitions in fiction, and Frank McCourt on voice. Using the video editing tools in LaunchPad, instructors can annotate, assign, and add questions or comments to these videos, as well as apply these tools to videos that they upload themselves.


Quizzes on Drama, Poetry, Fiction and Nonfiction

Instruction and Exercises on the Elements of Literature provides students with an overview of key literary concepts and invites them to test their understanding.

LaunchPad Solo for Literature includes close to 500 reading comprehension quizzes on commonly taught stories, poems, plays, and essays. These multiple choice quizzes report to the instructor gradebook and help students test their understanding of a specific literary selection.


A Glossary of Literary Terms

The Glossary of Literary Terms is a comprehensive resource for students and instructors.

MLA Documentation

MLA Instruction and Practice prepares students for writing and documenting their sources using The MLA Handbook 8e (2016).

What resources are available for instructors?

From the same screen where you've been viewing student resources, you can scroll down to see those available to instructors. Let's now take a closer look at each.


Instructor's Resource Manual

This resource contains a Guide to the Additional Resources and a document on Using Bedford Video Tools.


The Video Tool assignment allows instructors to select from the video library containing 59 short recordings of famous and influential authors discussing their work.

Readings (text)

LaunchPad Solo for Literature contains an online library of literary selections. These works are assignable, giving instructors plenty of choice for uploading key pieces to focus in on collaborative reading, using the highlighting tools and notes feature in LaunchPad.