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Each interactive has associated Sapling Learning questions that assess student understanding of the concept presented. The questions function the same as our regular problems, with the only difference being the addition of a link to the interactive. Below is an example question for the Atom Builder interactive.



This question prompts students to discover that the identity of an atom only depends on the number of protons in the nucleus. Like all of our questions, it contains targeted feedback to guide students toward the learning objective.


As in the above example, the questions often include art from the interactive to further encourage students to use the interactive as a resource. Many of our questions also include randomization to encourage productive collaboration among students.


The questions for an interactive can either be grouped into a separate assignment around the interactive or integrated into an existing assignment about the topic. In both cases, the assignment will appear in green font with a leaf icon, as shown in the example for the Atom Builder interactive below.


"Atom Builder Assignment" link with a green leaf icon


To identify questions for an interactive within an assignment, open the assignment and examine the Topic column. The topic names for interactives end in the word "Interactive," as shown below. To find more questions to include in an assignment, open the question bank and expand the Sapling Interactives taxonomy. We currently have an average of five questions for each interactive. Please refer to the help articles Finding Questions and Adding and Removing Questions for more guidance.