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The Graph Module allows teachers to create graphs which can either be static or graded. To add a graph, click graph icon, then click the area on the question tab you want your graph to be.

Note: You may also use the Line Mover tool to create graphs. 



  1. Delete. Removes this module.
  2. Grading status. Changes the module between static and graded.
  3. Revert. Removes changes made to module in current tab.
  4. Graph options.
    a) Hide or show the background grid.
    b) Hide or show axes or axes values.
    c) Change the unit of numbers shown at intervals on the axes.
  5. Graph window.
    d) Use the "min" and "max" to change the minimums and maximums of axes.
    e) Allow or restrict a student from placing new objects on the graph.
  6. Add a new equation. Add a mathematical equation and have it graphed (as you would in a graphing calculator.)
  7. Upload point data. Paste or enter data points to be added to the graph.
  8. Tools.
    f) Zoom in & out on the graph.
    g) Select a point on the x or y-axis.
    h) Pan around the graph.
    i) Draw a line on the graph.
    j) Draw a curve on the graph.
    k) Draw a polygon on the graph.
    l) Add a point on the graph.
    m) Change color.