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If you find a question in one mobile assignment that you'd like to move to another, you can do so by copying the assignment or noting the unique IDs of each question. 

Moving questions between assignments also allows you to split one assignment into two or create a new assignment with similar questions.


Moving questions to a new assignment

  1. Copy the assignment.
  2. Remove the appropriate questions from the original.
  3. Remove the appropriate questions from the copy.


Moving questions to an existing assignment

Remove the questions from the first assignment

Write down the unique ID numbers of the questions you wish to move. You can find these in the activity editor, in the ID column. Once you have recorded all of the ID numbers, remove those questions from the assignment.

Add the questions to the second assignment

Click on the second assignment on the main course page to open the activity editor.

Click the book icon to open the library. Click the magnifying glass icon to open the search options. Select the ID option to filter by ID. You may need to expand the library pane by clicking and dragging the handle under the book icon.

In the search field, enter one of the question IDs that you recorded from the first assignment. Add that question to the assignment. Continue searching for IDs and adding questions until you have moved all of the desired questions.

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