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These instructions describe how to set up as an approved LTI Tool Provider in Blackboard, where LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability.


Administrator instructions

Note: These administrator steps may be unnecessary if the administrator settings are set to Allow links to any tool provider that isn't explicitly excluded. In this case, teachers can set up their own content links by providing a key and secret.

To begin, log in to your Blackboard account as an administrator.

Navigate to "Register Provider Domain"

Click System Admin, then Building Blocks.

Click LTI Tool Providers.

Click Register Provider Domain.

Set properties

Set the following properties then click Submit.
  • Provider Domain:
  • Provider Domain Status: Approved
  • Secondary Hostnames: <none>
  • Default Configuration: Set separately for each link
  • Tool Provider Custom Parameters: <none>
  • Institution Policies: Send user data only over SSL
  • User Fields to Send: Check all (Role in Course, Name, Email Address)
  • Show User Acknowledgment Message: No

Click "Manage Global Properties" 

Make sure that Allow configured tool providers to post grades is set to Yes.

Instructor instructions

Navigate to your desired course and ensure that Edit Mode is set to ON.

Add web link to desired course section

Choose the portion of your course where you would like to insert your Sapling course link. Here we've chosen Content. Then choose Build Content > Web Link.

  1. Name the Web Link something that your students will recognize as the way to access their homework.
  2. Use the URL provided by your Sapling Learning Client Success Specialist.
  3. Check the checkbox for This link is to a Tool Provider.

Use the key and secret provided by your Sapling Learning Client Success Specialist.

If you would like to send a grade directly from your Sapling Learning course to your Blackboard course, you must set Enable Evaluation to Yes and include the number of points you would like your Sapling Learning homework to be worth. To “Enable Evaluation” after a content item is built, click on the v next to the content item Example content item Homework with v icon on the right and click Edit.

Do not enter any text into the Description field.

Choose Yes for the web link option Open in a New Window.

Be sure to click Submit to save your changes.

Inform students

Send your class the instructions for student sign up.

Sync grades (optional)

If desired, set up grade sync within your Sapling Learning course.