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These instructions describe how to set up Sapling Learning as an approved LTI Tool for use in your Moodle course, where LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability.

  1. Enter the course in your school's Moodle system and Turn editing on.
  2. Add an activity where you want the Sapling Learning link to be.
    Location of link to add an activity or resource on course page.
  3. Choose External Tool and click Add.
    Location of external tool option
  4. Click the Show more... link.
  5. Fill in the Activity name, for example, "Sapling Learning Homework"
  6. For External tool type, select the plus sign (+) to enter the Tool settings.
    Location of plus button relative to tool type dropdown
  7. Fill in the Tool name , Tool base URL, Consumer key, and Shared secret. The Tool base URL must be Your Client Success Specialist will provide the rest.
    Example of completed settings form
  8. In the Privacy section, select Force SSL and Save.
    Location of Force SSL option
  9. Select the new tool from the drop down list and make sure the key/secret are removed here, otherwise you will get a 401 error due to invalid key/secret.
  10. Be sure to select New window for the Launch container.
    Locations of tool type and launch container options.
  11. Also make sure all the boxes in the Privacy section are checked ( Share launcher's name with the tool, Share launcher's email with the tool, Accept grades from the tool).
  12. Click Save and return to course.
  13. Send your class the instructions for student sign up.
  14. If desired, set up grade sync within your Sapling Learning course.