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The Table Module is meant for static display of data. It has no interactivity for students and cannot be used for graded input. Data can be entered directly or imported into the table from a delimited source. Acceptable delimiters include commas and periods. The table has text formatting tools and common special characters for customizing the display of your data.

To create a table, click table icon, then click on the place where you want your table to appear. To refine the display of the table, click it. The following menu will appear.


  1. Text formatting tools. Used to format text and add symbols. Refer to the Text Entry article for a complete description of these tools.
  2. Row status. Displays the number of rows in the table. Click on the up and down arrows to add or delete rows.
  3. Column status. Displays the number of columns in the table. Click on the up and down arrows to add or delete columns.
  4. Import data. Used to import data into the table. Delimited data can be pasted into the Import Data window and then loaded into the table.
  5. Insert row. Inserts a row above the current selected row or at the bottom if no row or cell is selected.
  6. Insert column. Inserts a column to the left of the current selected column or at right if no column or cell is selected.
  7. Delete Row. Deletes the currently selected row, or deletes the bottom row if no row or cell is selected.
  8. Delete Column. Deletes the currently selected column, or deletes the rightmost column if no column or cell is selected.