LaunchPad and Writer's Help 2.0 > I associated my D2L/Brightspace course with the wrong LaunchPad/Writer's Help 2.0 course. How can I fix this?

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These instructions are for Writer's Help 2.0, but the same instructions can be followed when using LaunchPad.

If you first linked your D2L/Brightspace course to the wrong Writer's Help 2.0 course, you can correct the pairing by unlinking the two courses, then re-associating your D2L/Brightspace course with a different Writer's Help 2.0 course.

Very important note: If there are students already enrolled in your Writer's Help 2.0 course, please contact your Macmillan Sales Engineer before performing this operation. In certain integration scenarios you will need the assistance of your Macmillan Sales Engineer and/or Macmillan Higher Education’s Technical Support to effect a clean break between your D2L/Brightspace course and the Writer's Help 2.0 course.

Open your D2L/Brightspace course

Log in and proceed to the home page of your D2L/Brightspace course.

Click "Unlink Macmillan Course"

Open the Macmillan Course Tools widget, scroll down to Support Tools, and click Unlink Macmillan Course.


Click "Yes, Disassociate this Course"

On the Sever this Course Association page, confirm the name of the Writer's Help 2.0 course that you wish to unlink. Click Yes, Disassociate this Course.


Return to D2L/Brightspace, reconnect the courses, or view other Writer's Help 2.0 courses

You will see a message confirming that your D2L/Brightspace course is no longer linked to the Writer's Help 2.0 course. From here, you may take one of three actions:

  1. Return to D2L/Brightspace by simply closing this browser tab that the confirmation message appears in.
  2. Re-associate your D2L/Brightspace course with the same Writer's Help 2.0 course to which you just broke the link by clicking Reconnect this course.
  3. Pair your D2L/Brightspace course with a different Writer's Help 2.0 course by clicking View available courses.


View available courses

D2L/Brightspace will display the Macmillan Choose Course page.

Associate another Writer's Help 2.0 course with your D2L/Brightspace course

On the Choose Course page carefully review the list of courses shown and select the Writer's Help 2.0 course that you wish to pair with your D2L/Brightspace course by clicking the Associate button. If you need additional guidance, please see the help article Link your D2L/Brightspace course to a LaunchPad/Writer's Help 2.0 course (course homepage).