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If you want to put your own touch on an existing question, you can duplicate and edit any question in our content bank.

  1. Open an assignment. Any assignment will do, but it's generally more efficient if you choose the assignment to which you plan to add the question when you're done.
  2. Find the question you want to edit in our library. If the question is already in the assignment, you can select it and then click the locate button Locate item in question banks icon to locate that question in the library. If you don't see the question you want in the assignment, click the book icon  to open the Library, then browse through the banks on the left to find it.
  3. With a question selected, click the duplicate button Duplicate selected item icon.. The copy will appear at the bottom of the question list since it is sorted by ID in ascending order. If you click the ID header, you can sort by ID in descending order, which will place the newest questions at the top of the list. Tip: Any duplicates you have created will have Source = You.
  4. Once you have located the new question, click to select it, then click the Edit button Edit selected item icon.
  5. Make the changes you desire. Check all of the tabs of the question in case your change affects them. It's probably a good idea to call your Client Success Specialist the first time you do this, so they can walk you through everything and make sure you understand what everything means. Note: The question saves every time you change to a new tab (from Question to Correct, for example).
  6. Add your copy of the question to the assignment.
  7. Very important: Double-click your question to view and answer it as a student. Always do this to make sure the question works the way you think it does, no matter how certain you are. You might have missed something, and it's always possible you'll find a bug in our authoring. It's far better that you find mistakes before your students do.

You can also edit an existing question to create something brand new. This might be a good idea for your first few questions, so you can see how our feedback and variables work. In some cases, though, it might be easiest to start from scratch.

Any questions you write or edit will be available in any future courses you teach, but they are private to only you.