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There are two types of group offsets and extensions. 

  • Course-wide: Set it once and you’re done. This works best when the difference between due times for the groups is always the same (e.g., the Tuesday section’s work is always due one day later than the Monday section’s work).
  • Per-assignment: This is more flexible, but takes a little longer to set up.

Note on extensions for LearningCurve

You can now set group offsets and extensions for LearningCurve activities. This will allow for these activities to be due on different days or times for each of your groups. Simply follow the instructions as shown in this article to set course-wide or per-assignment offsets and extensions for LearningCurve assignments.

If the due date passes for a LearningCurve assignment, any students who did not complete the assignment will have a zero in the gradebook for that assignment. Once an extension is granted, students who complete the assignment after the original due date (but before the extended due date) will have their score update automatically in the gradebook.

Setting "course-wide" group offsets and extensions

Go to "Groups" page

From your main course page, click or hover your mouse over Course Management in the left navigation menu, then click Groups.

Select group

Click on a group name to select it. If no groups exist, see the help article Creating and Editing Groups. Click Edit Group Settings.

Set relative extension/offset

Choose how much later this group’s dates should be (relative to the earliest group) by specifying the difference in weeks, days, hours and minutes.

Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes.

The offsets/extensions will automatically take effect for any activities that have a standard due date set, with the exception of hand-graded activities.


Setting "per-assignment" group offsets and extensions

Extensions/offsets for groups can be set on a per-assignment basis in the same place as you’d set extensions/offsets for individuals, the Activities and Due Dates page.

Go to "Activities and Due Dates" page

From your main course page, click Activities and Due Dates in the left navigation menu. The last two columns on this page indicate whether any offsets or extensions are currently present using a 0 or a person icon . Click the 0 or the person icon to go to the offsets/extensions page. Note that you will not see "course-wide" group offsets listed here.

Set the due date and/or available from date

In order to have an offset or extension, the assignment must have an available from date or due date. Make sure the assignment has an available from date and/or due date set. You can adjust them using the pencil icon.

Add an offset or extension

Click Add Group Offsets or Extensions to add a new offset or extension. If you don't see this option then you first need to create a group. Note that the assignment must have a standard due date set before extensions/offsets may be applied.


Select groups to get offset/extension

  1. Select one or more groups from the list on the left. To select multiple groups, hold down the Ctrl key (Cmd on Mac) while clicking group names.
  2. Choose the new available from date and/or due date
  3. Click Save.

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