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Your course is created by arranging numerous pieces of content. Remember that the bulk of this has been done for you already, but knowing how the course was assembled will allow you to alter it. All pieces except labels (text) will be indicated by an icon.


Resources hyperlink iconpdf iconMicrosoft Word iconPowerpoint icon

These resources allow you to link to anywhere on the web or upload your own personal files. Please respect copyright notices on content you do not own. The icon automatically appears depending on what kind of file you uploaded or linked to. (For step by step instructions on how to add a resource please view the help article Resources.)



These are playlists of Sapling Learning's questions. They can be configured to change feedback ability, grading policies, and start/due dates. Some differences exist between our flash-based activities (indicated by this icon ) and our mobile-friendly activities (indicated by this icon ). Throughout these help pages, we'll distinguish available features in the different assignment types where applicable.

When you click on a Flash-based activity , you are taken to the activity editor. When you click on a mobile assignment, you will be taken to the mobile assignment editor . When a student clicks on any activity, they will be taken to the first question.


These are places where students can chat with one another or you. Forums can be utilized to post news, hold Q&A sessions, or have class discussions. To learn more details about forums please visit the help article Forums (Discussion Boards).

Labels  (no icon)

These are chunks of text which can be used to label areas on your course site. Many of these have already been created for you. If you'd like to add text on the main page for students to immediately see, this is what you want to use. If it's going to be a lot of text, you probably want to compose a text page (a type of resource).