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The Graded Multiple Choice Module is used to create multiple-choice questions. You can allow students to select multiple correct answers or limit the answer to a single option. The text entry area provides text formatting tools and common symbols. The order of choices can be randomized.

As with most IBIS modules, you can make this module wider by clicking and dragging the bottom-right corner.


Click on the edge of the module to open its Options panel.

  1. Selection Button. Use this button to mark the correct answer. If there is only one correct response to your question, round radio buttons, such as those in the example, are used. Square check boxes (  ) are used when multiple correct answers are allowed.
  2. Add a New Item. Adds another text entry space and selection button.
  3. Allow Multiple. Selecting this box changes radio buttons to check boxes and allows the student to select one or more correct answer.
  4. Randomize Order. Randomizes the order of the choices presented to students.
  5. Show Background. When this button is checked checked, entry spaces will have a gray background; when unchecked, the entry space will appear as a field with white background.
  6. Revert. Removes any changes to this module in the current tab.
  7. Grading Status. Changes the module between static, graded, and interactive.
  8. Text Entry Space. Use this area to enter text. Click on the field to open text tools. To delete a text field, click on the field to open the menu, and then click the red x in the upper right corner of the field.
  9. Delete. Removes this module from the stage. To delete a single entry, click on its space and click the red x.


Click on an entry space to open its Tools and edit in the space.


  1. Remove. Removes the entry space from the module.
  2. Grading Status. Indicates that this module is always static.
  3. Text Formatting Tools. Format the text with the same options available in the Text Entry module.