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Navigating to the gradebook

There are three ways to access the gradebook.

From your main course page 

Click on the Grades button in the left navigation menu.

From the activity editor

Click the Go to Gradebook button.


From the assignment preview

You can click the Gradebook link in the upper right corner. This will take you to the student gradebook view. Click Return to my normal role in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to see the instructor gradebook. You may also need to click Grader Report if you are viewing another report.


Viewing grades

The gradebook is laid out with assignments across the top and students down the left side. The color and style of each score tells you some information about that student's progress. Click any score to see that student's performance on that activity.

  1. Assignment in progress: If a student has started an activity, the due date has not passed, and the student still has attempts remaining on one or more questions, the score displays in green italics. These scores are not included in totals, since the assignment is still in progress. This score will steadily increase as the student gets questions correct.
  2. Completed assignment: If a student has finished all questions (by getting them correct, giving up, or running out of attempts) or the due date has passed, the score displays in blue. Such scores are included in totals.
  3. Completed assignment with attempts remaining: If the due date has passed but the student still has attempts remaining on one or more questions, the score has an asterisk (*). Giving the student an extension on the assignment will allow them to continue the assignment. Keep in mind that any available solutions become available to students when the due date passes, so students with an * have access to the solutions until you grant them an extension.
  4. Assignment not started: If a student has not yet opened an activity and the due date has not passed, the score shows as a dash (-). You can still click the dash to see what the assignment will look like for that student (for example, to see what variables they have in algorithmically generated questions).

For more information, see the following help articles:

Other gradebook links

  1. Click the name of an activity to see statistics for that activity.
  2. Click the name of a student to see contact information for that student.
  3. Click the icon to the right of a student's name to see their user report, a summary of their grades for the whole course.

Grade columns

Depending on the size of your monitor and your course, some assignments may be off the right side of your gradebook. To scroll right, use the scrollbar at the bottom of the gradebook. To reorder the columns see the help article Grade Column Order.


Your grades may be grouped into one or more categories (for example, many gradebooks have an Ungraded category). Each category name is followed by one of two symbols:

  • Click the Aggregates only icon which looks like a minus sign (-) to collapse the category, displaying only the summary score for that category.
  • Click the Full view icon which looks like a plus sign (+) to expand the category, displaying all scores within that category.


To make it easier to view your gradebook, you may wish to collapse your gradebook categories to view only the summary grade for each category, while expanding the overall category for your entire course (the category that shares a name with your course). The far-right column of your gradebook will contain the total for each student for the entire course, while the bottom row shows the overall average for each category or activity.

To view any individual student's responses to every question in an assignment, expand the category again and click on their score for the assignment.

For more information on categories, see the help article Advanced Gradebook Settings.



If you have groups configured in your course, you'll have a drop-down menu at the top left of your gradebook called Separate groups or Visible groups that allows you to display the grades of each group separately. If you do not see this drop-down menu, contact your Client Success Specialist.


Editing scores

Any score can be edited. Click Turn editing on at the top-right corner of the gradebook, and enter the new score in place of the old score. When you have finished editing scores, click Update at the bottom-middle of the gradebook.

For more information, see the help article Editing Grades.


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