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You can configure the Sapling Learning gradebook to automatically drop each student’s lowest score (or lowest 2, 3, etc. scores) from their overall average.


Open the gradebook

Click the Grades icon in the left navigation menu of your main course page.


Click the "Categories and Items" tab


Click "Full View"

Select a category to drop grades from

Depending on how your course is organized, you may want to drop grades from your students' overall scores for the course, from each chapter (if you are using chapters as grade categories), or from certain assignment types (if you are using tests as a category, for example). You can drop scores from any category using the Drop the lowest or Keep the highest field in the header row for that category.

Enter a number of scores to drop or keep

In the category header of your choice, type a number into either the Drop the lowest or Keep the highest field. If you type a number for both fields, the system will use only your Drop the lowest entry and reset your Keep the highest entry to 0 (ignored) upon save. The number that you type in the Drop the lowest field is the number of grades that will be dropped from your students' overall scores. Likewise, the number that you type in the Keep the highest field is the number of grades that will be kept, while the remainder of your students' scores are dropped from their overall score.


Save changes

Scroll to the bottom and click Save changes, or, if your cursor is still in the the field you just typed in, you can press Enter on your keyboard to save. 

Rename the category total (optional)

The number of dropped/kept assignments is not displayed to students anywhere. If you’d like, you can edit the label for the overall category average, which will show for both you and the students. 

Click the pencil icon in the category header


Type a new name in the field for "Category total name"

Note: This is not the same field as Category name. You may need to click Show Advanced at the top right to see this field. 

In our example, we've renamed the category total Practice/Pre-Reqs (lowest 1 dropped). When you are done, click Save Changes. The category total name will appear at the bottom of the category on the Categories and items page and in the User report.

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