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The Graded Text Entry Module provides an answer space for simple text entries. It is ideal for single-word answers, such as vocabulary questions. To set a Graded Text Module in your question, click graded text icon, then click the place you want your graded text to appear.

Basic configuration

Refine the display of your Short Answer module by clicking it. The following Tools menu will appear.


  1. Subscript. Highlight text and click to subscript text. Click again to return to normal text mode.
  2. Superscript. Highlight text and click to superscript text. Click again to return to normal text mode.
  3. Greek alphabet menus. Click to open the menu of Greek letters, which can then be inserted at the cursor. Both upper and lower case are available.
  4. Special character menu. Click to open the menu of commonly used special characters and mathematical symbols, such as degrees (°) or plus/minus (+/-).
  5. Create algo. Highlight text or number(s) and click to make algorithmic variables. When a character string is made algorithmic, it will appear blue.
  6. Insert-algo menu. Click the arrow to view and select available algorithmic variables from drop-down menu.
  7. Grading Status. Changes the module between static , graded , and interactive .
  8. Revert. Removes changes made to this module in the current tab.
  9. Delete. Removes this module from the stage.


Setting tolerance

Grading tolerance can be set for case and plurals. (Spaces are ignored in grading by default.) To change the tolerance, go to the Correct tab or an Incorrect tab and click on the module to open the Grading options.

In this example, the most liberal tolerances are set. Plural or singular forms ("cat" or "cats") as well as upper or lowercase ("Cat" or "cat") will be accepted. Note: “Dogs and cats” is not accepted. The correct word order must be entered.

The answer field contains the phrase "Cats and dogs." The Grading tab is shown with Match Case unchecked and Allow Plurals checked.

  1. Match Case. When this box is checked, the exact case is required. When it is unchecked, the case of each letter is ignored for grading.
  2. Allow Plurals. When this box is checked, both plural and singular forms are accepted.