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If you use Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, or Sakai as your learning management system (LMS), you can enable single-sign-on and grade sync with your Sapling Learning course via LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability). This must be configured before students enroll, and requires additional setup from your Client Success Specialist, so please let us know if you intend to use this feature (see Related Articles below).

Once LMS integration is enabled you will be able to sync one single column of your Sapling gradebook with your LMS gradebook. We recommend that you use the overall homework average score. Grade sync is a manual process, which means that grades must be manually pushed from your Sapling course page to your LMS course page each time you want to refresh the scores. Note that in some LMSs a column is automatically added in your LMS gradebook when you sync your grades. If that is the case for your LMS, the column name will be the title you gave to the external tool during your initial setup.

Go to Grades page in your Sapling Learning course

To manually sync your grades, click on the Grades icon on your Sapling course page.

Export grades

Click on the Export tab, then click on the Grade Sync option just below.

Choose a Gradebook item to sync from the drop-down menu. The overall average, shown as HW Average, is what we recommend. Click Sync grade Item.

Optional: if you'd like to save your selections for next time, click Save.


  • Some students' grades aren’t syncing - The students may have been enrolled manually or they enrolled through an old link. The fix is to have the student(s) click through the existing link.
  • Students' grades are syncing to multiple different columns on LMS side - Make sure that there is only one external tool link. The fix is to remove all extra links and have all the students click through the single remaining link again.
  • No student grades are syncing - The external tool URL link may have been deleted after all students enrolled. The fix is to add a new link and have all the students click through again. 
  • Blackboard only - If you get an error message that reads Error pushing grades, verify that Enable Evaluation is set to Yes in your LMS course. In Blackboard, this setting can be found by clicking on the v next to the content item,  then clicking Edit

  • Grades are not calculating correctly or are showing up as zero
    • Check the settings on your LMS course page and make sure that the point total is set to a nonzero value.
    • Grades push as a decimal between 0 and 1, inclusive without respect to how the grade is calculated. In other words, the number that is in the column that you choose to sync is divided by 100 and that decimal is pushed to the LMS gradebook. If the score you wish to sync is not out of 100 points, we recommend making another, hidden grade item that normalizes the displayed score to a percentage. Your Client Success Specialist can configure this for you.

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