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Example settings: Due 7/31, deduct 10% of the remaining possible points per day late until 8/10.For assignments that have a due date, you can enable late submissions and configure a deduction per day late.

How to allow late submissions with a penalty

  1. Click on the assignment to open the activity editor. If the assignment doesn't exist, you'll first need to create it.
  2. In the settings panel, click the Edit Settings button . If you don't see this option, you may need to click the book icon to collapse the library.
  3. Set or verify the Due Date of the assignment.
  4. Once a due date is set, you'll be able to click the checkbox for Allow late Submissions.
  5. Choose the desired percentage to deduct from any additional points earned from late answers.
  6. Choose the desired end date for late submissions. The system will auto-fill the date after which students can no longer earn points for their answers, but you are free to change it. If you choose a date that is later than the suggestion, students can continue answering for no points. A student's score cannot decrease over time or with continued attempts.

Important notes

  • If late submissions are allowed and the main due date has passed, you cannot change the due date or the deduction.
  • Granting an extension is permitted, but will NOT re-grade attempts that a student already made with the penalty.
  • If you need to change the due date and are willing to accept the consequences of the fact that it won't re-grade, you can give the whole class an extension.
  • If you often change due dates and/or grant extensions in your class, we do not recommend using this option. Instead, we recommend using this option as a substitute for granting individual extensions.
  • If a student has made attempts after the due date, the Attempts column of their assignment will show two values. For example, 3/2 in the Attempts column means that the student made three total attempts on that question, two of which were after the due date.
  • The resources panel on the right side of the assignment will indicate to the student whether late submissions are allowed, and what the penalty is per day late.
    Example resources panel with message "Late submissions allowed with 10% of the points possible deducted per day until 5/25 at 2 PM
  • After the due date has passed, the student will also be notified on the main course page if late submissions are allowed.
    Example mouseover on course page: 8% of the points possible are deducted per day if the due date is passed until 6/03
  • A timed assignment will not have the option to turn on late penalty, and vice versa.