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To move a student between groups, such as class periods or sections, you must remove the student from one group and add them to another.

Go to "Groups" page

Hover your mouse over Course Management on the left side of your course home page. In the menu that appears to the right of your cursor, click Groups.

Add/remove users

Click on the name of a group that you need to move a user from and click Add/remove users.

Remove users

In the Existing members box on the left, click the name(s) of the users that you’d like to remove from the group. With at least one existing member selected, click the Remove button.

Return to Groups page

Click Back to groups to return to the groups page.

Select the new group

Click the group that you would like to move a user to, then click Add/remove users.

Select users to add

In the Potential members box on the right, click the name(s) of the users that you’d like to add to the group. Use shift+click or ctrl+click to select multiple users. Use the search box at the bottom to locate a particular user by name or e-mail (or click Show all to clear your search).

Click "Add"

With at least one potential member selected, click the Add button.

Note that a given student may be placed into multiple groups if necessary for gradebook-sorting purposes. However, to successfully apply due date extensions for all students in a group, each student must be in only one group.