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You can group questions into pools, which allows questions to vary from student to student. For example, you could group five similar questions, and assign each student two questions randomly selected from that pool.

Open the activity

Click on an activity on your course home page to open the activity editor.

Select questions to pool

Click on a question to select it, or Ctrl+click to select multiple questions. With one or more questions selected, click the folder icon.

The folder icon has a tool tip on mouseover of "Create Question Pool with Selected Items(s)".

Shading now appears around the question(s) and the questions are marked with a dash rather than a number in the # column. To add questions to the pool, drag and drop the question into the shaded region. To remove a question from the pool, drag and drop it out of the shaded region.


Additional options are available at the top of the question pool.

  1. Collapse and expand the pool using the green triangle icon.
  2. Edit the number of assigned questions using the Assign menu. Click the up arrow next to the number to increase the number of questions that will be randomly selected from each pool.
  3. Unpool the questions. Click the unpool questions icon to delete the pool, but leave the questions in it in the assignment.
  4. Delete the pool and its questions.