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This article will show you how to create your own questions in Sapling Learning Flash-based activities. Any questions you write or edit will be available in any future courses you teach, but they are private to only you.

Open the activity editor 

On your main course page, click on the name of an activity to open the activity editor. Any Flash-based activity will do, but it's generally more efficient if you choose the assignment to which you plan to add the question when you're done.

Open the Question Bank

Click on the book icon to view the question bank (aka library).

Click the New Question button

Select from the list of question types 

Click on a question type, then click Ok. If you're not sure what type you want or can't find it, don't worry, you can always edit the answer type later.

For more information on different question types, see the Modules section of the Table of Contents.

Find new question in Question Bank

The new question will appear at the bottom of the list, named "New Question" with a date and time of creation. To quickly locate this question, click on the header of the ID column twice. This will sort the questions by newest (largest) ID first.

Tip: All questions you have created or edited will have You in the Source column.

Click the question, then click the edit button

Write your question

We recommend including a Solution (the answer), a Correct tab (the answer with tolerance), and at least a Default tab (feedback your students will receive if they get the wrong answer).

You can find more information on tabs in the Tabs section of the Table of Contents. After you start your first question, it's a good idea to call your Client Success Specialist to make sure you didn't miss anything.

Save your question

To save your question, click on the Information tab. Select Focus using the radio button above the pane on the right. Select a topic category from the list, then click Save at the bottom. We recommend saving questions with the focus Your Questions (uncategorized) so that you can find them easily.


Test your question

Very important: Preview your question to view and answer it as a student. Always do this to make sure the question works the way you think it does, no matter how certain you are. You might have missed something, and it's always possible you'll find a bug in our authoring. It's far better that you find mistakes before your students do.

To preview a question, you can double-click it, or click on it and click on the preview button. The preview window will open below the question.

Add your question to the assignment

To add your question to the assignment, simply click the checkbox in the Use column. The question will appear at the bottom of your assignment.