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Removing Questions

  1. Click the question (to select it). To remove multiple questions, hold down the control key and click the other questions. To remove multiple question pools, select the pools and deselect the headers.
  2. Click the trash icon. 


Adding Questions

Open the library

Click the book icon to open the library.

Filter questions by topic

Choose a topic on the far left. Click on topics to drill down into subtopics. The available questions for the topic you click will appear in the middle of the page. See the help article Finding Questions for more information on finding the exact question you're looking for.

Sort questions by properties

You can click the column headers to arrange the list by that property. For example, you can sort the list of available questions by Difficulty. Click the same header again to reverse the sorting.

Preview question

Click the question to select it, then click the preview icon. The preview will appear underneath the question in the questions list. If the preview window is too small, you can expand the Question Banks pane by clicking and dragging the slider at the right, under the book icon. Click the Close Preview link at the top left to stop viewing the preview.

Select questions to add

There are three ways to add questions to your assignment. If you are only adding one question at a time, the simplest way is to click the checkbox in the Use column for the question you want to add. This will add the question to the end of your assignment.

To select multiple questions, hold down the control key and click the other questions. Then click the Add Selected Items button. The added questions will appear at the end of the assignment.


To add your question(s) in a position other than at the end of the assignment, simply select the questions to add and click and drag them to the desired position in the Assignment pane.

If at any point you make a mistake during this process, you can simply uncheck the box in the Use column for the question to remove it from your assignment.

Rearranging Questions

To rearrange questions in the Assignment list, simply drag them up or down (or use the up/down arrow buttons after selecting a question or questions).



To undo a change to the question list, click the undo button at the top of the Assignment. To reapply a change you undid, click the redo button. These options will only be available to you until you navigate away from the page.

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