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The 3–D Molecule Module can be used to upload PDB files (e.g., from ChemDraw) and display them in IBIS. The module can be static, interactive, or graded.

To place this module in a question, click the icon that looks like a ball-and-stick model icon of ball-and-stick model, then click the place you want your molecule to appear.


Uploading a File

After you have placed the module on the stage, click it to open the Options tab. Click Change Molecule. The Upload window appears. Select the desired file from the pick list, then click Finish.


Use the Tools tab for rotating 3–D molecules through all three dimensions and controlling their grading options.


  1. Rotate x-axis. Rotates the image in the x-axis.
  2. Rotate y-axis. Rotates the image in the y-axis.
  3. Rotate z-axis. Rotates the image in the z-axis.
  4. Grading status. Changes the module between static, graded, and interactive.
  5. Revert. Removes changes made to module in current tab.
  6. Delete. Removes this module.

Grading is based on selection. To define the correct atom or group for selection by the student, go to the Correct tab and click directly on the desired atom or group in the module.