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To edit an item

Locate an item you wish to edit and click the three dots icon

To edit something on your course home page, first navigate to the item you wish to edit. Click the three dots to the far right of the item. This opens the edit menu.



To edit assignments or resources choose an option from the edit menu

  • Edit: Allows you to change settings of a resource or activity.
  • Delete: Deletes the activity or resource forever. There is a confirmation, but no undo. When deleting a topic block/unit, the entire block and its contents will be deleted.
  • Move: After clicking the move button, you will choose among rectangles corresponding to possible positions for the topic or resource.
  • Duplicate (specific to activities): Click this button to copy the assignment. The new copy will appear just below the original. The copy will be hidden from students and it won't have any dates set, but all other settings (points, policy, etc.) will match the original.
  • Group Mode (specific to forums using groups): For more information, see the help article on Forums (Discussion Boards).

To edit topic blocks choose an option from the edit menu

  • Show Only Topic (specific to topics/units): Shows only one topic/unit per page. You can navigate between topic pages using the Jump to... drop-down menu or page number links that appear at the bottom of the page. Note that each user can choose to show only one or all topics. In other words, your setting does not affect anyone else’s personal setting. Tip: if a student claims they cannot see an assignment, it could be because they accidentally clicked Show Only Topic.
  • Highlight (specific to topics/units): This option is only available if your course is in Topics format. Click to highlight a topic block. Click again to un-highlight. In Weekly format, the current week will automatically highlight. The format can be changed by going to Settings.
  • Hide/Show: Hidden links appear grayed-out to instructors and are completely invisible to students. When hiding a topic block/unit, the entire block and its contents will become hidden. The hide/show setting on a topic block overrides the hide/show setting on each resource in the block.

Important Note: Take care when removing topic blocks that contain activities. Activities that will be used in the course must be moved to a visible topic block before the topic block is removed. Activities in hidden topic blocks may only be accessed from the Gradebook or Activities and Due Dates pages. Deleting the topic block will remove it entirely. Removing topic blocks that contain activities may lead to inaccurate grade calculations.

Go to "Settings"

Click Settings in your left-hand course navigation menu.

Adjust the "Number of weeks/topics"

Click "Save changes"

To switch your role to student

Click the Switch role to... drop-down in the upper right-hand corner and select Student. For more information on viewing your course page as a student, please see the help article How can I see what students see?.

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