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If you need to give one or more students more time to finish an assignment, you can grant them a due date extension. Similarly, you can open an assignment early for some students by setting an available from offset. To give the whole class more time, just change the main due date

Watch the video or read the instructions below to learn more about how to set due date extensions and available from offsets.

Click on the image to view the video.


Group offsets and extensions

If you use groups in your course, it is possible to grant offsets and/or extensions to a whole group of students. Please see the help article Group Offsets and Extensions.


Go to Activities and Due Dates page

Click Activities and Due Dates at the top-left of your course. The last two columns indicate whether any offsets or extensions are currently present using a 0 or a person icon . Click the 0 or the person icon to go to the offsets/extensions page. All of the below changes to extensions and offsets are made from this page.

Set a due date extension or available from offset

Set the due date and/or available from date

In order to have an offset or extension, the assignment must have an available from date or due date. Make sure the assignment has an available from date and/or due date set. You can adjust them using the pencil icon.


Add extension or offset

Click Add individual offsets or extensions to add a new offset or extension.

Select students to get offset/extension

  1. Select one or more students from the list on the left. To select multiple students, hold down the Ctrl key (Cmmd on Mac) while clicking students' names.
  2. Choose the new available from date and/or due date.
  3. Click Save.

The new available from date or due date will now apply to the student(s) you chose.


Edit an existing offset or extension

  1. Click available from date or due date you wish to edit. Use the menus to set a new date and time.
  2. Click the blue save icon.


Update several offsets or extensions at once

  1. Click the checkbox next to each student you wish to update.
  2. In the new Update Selected Users row that appears at the bottom of the list, set the new available from date and/or due date.
  3. Click the blue save icon.


Delete an offset or extension

  1. Click the X to the left of the offset or extension.
  2. In the popup box, click OK.




You can now set offsets and extensions for LearningCurve activities. These are granted in the same manner as other Sapling Learning offsets and extensions. However, unlike other Sapling Learning activities, LearningCurve activities can be worked on after the due date. If a student works on a LearningCurve assignment after the due date, and you grant them an extension on the assignment to a date/time after they worked on it, the student will receive credit for completing the assignment and their grade in the gradebook will be updated automatically.