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Viewing work

You can see what your students answered for any attempt of any question, as well as what feedback they received from the system on each attempt.

Open the gradebook

Click the Grades icon in the left navigation menu of your main course page.

Click on a score

View student's answers

You are now seeing the instructor view of a particular student’s assignment, which does not have the same functionality as the student view. The primary difference is that instructors always have the solution tab available but no check-answer button. Navigate to different questions by clicking on the question number in the left sidebar (if applicable), or by using the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom right, or the map at the top.

The tabs labeled Incorrect and Correct represent the attempts that the student has taken so far. Click on one of these tabs to view exactly what the student put and the feedback they received.

Example student work. There are three tabs labeled "Incorrect" and one tabled labeled "Correct" indicating that this student answered incorrectly three times before answering correctly.

The Solution tab is for your reference only, and does not tell you whether the student has viewed the solution, nor does it represent an entry by the student.
The timestamp of the student's Last Attempt on the assignment is shown along the top, as well as the Due Date and the Overall Score.

Example assignment with last attempt timestamp labeled

Resetting work for an individual student

While viewing a student's work, click Question or Assignment next to Reset at the top of the assignment to reset that component for this student.

Example assignment with reset buttons circled

A confirmation message will appear. If you're sure you want to reset the student's work, click Confirm.

Example confirmation: Are you sure you want to reset question 3 for Albert Einstein?

Note that if the assignment is timed and a student's time has expired, resetting a question will not allow them to continue working. You may, however, reset the student's assignment to restart their time. Similarly, if the assignment is past due, a student cannot continue working even if you reset their assignment or a question within it. In this case, you must give them a due date extension.

Resetting work for the entire class

If you’d like to reset a question for the entire class, you'll need to remove that question from the assignment then re-add it.

If you'd like to reset a whole assignment for the entire class, you'll need to make a copy of the assignment, then delete the original (or, keep the original and set the gradebook to take the higher of the two scores). Your Client Success Specialist can assist you with these tasks.

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