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The following is an advanced option for instructors who need to create many groups and/or offsets. To create a small number of groups and/or offsets, please see the standard instructions for groups.

  1. From your main course page, click Course Management > Groups.
  2. Click the Import groups button (you may need to scroll down to see it).
  3. Click Download to get the spreadsheet template.
  4. Open the spreadsheet and enter the names of the groups in column A, starting in cell A2. The names of the groups must start with a letter and be free of special characters. Do not edit the column headers in row 1. The "groupname" column is required, but the remaining columns are optional.
  5. If students have not yet enrolled in your Sapling Learning course site and you'd like them to be automatically grouped as they enroll, you can optionally fill in the "enrolmentkey" column. The keys can be any alphanumeric code with no spaces.
  6. The "description" field is optional. If included, the group descriptions will be visible only to you and any other instructors in the course.
  7. The remaining fields (also optional) specify the number of weeks, days, hours, and minutes for the available-from offsets and the due-date extensions for assignments. If set, these offsets and extensions will apply to all assignments in the course, even ones that you create in the future. Please use only integers. The weeks and days can range from 0 to 100. The hours can range from 0 to 24, and the minutes can range from 0 to 55 by fives.

    Example spreadsheet. Column A has groupnames of Section 1, Section 2, and Section 3. Column B has enrolmentkeys of 101, 102, and 103. Column C has descriptions of Monday lab, Tuesday lab, and Friday lab. Column D has empty cells for offset weeks. Column E has offset days of 0, 1, and 4.
  8. Save the file in .csv (comma delimited) format.
  9. Return to your browser window and click Choose file. If you don't see this option, follow steps 1-2 again.
  10. Select the file you saved in step 8.
  11. Click the Import groups button.
  12. Your course should now contain groups with names, keys, descriptions, offsets, and extensions as applicable from the file. You can verify the names by going to Course Management > Groups. To view more info or to make edits, select a group then click Edit Group Settings.
  13. If you included info in the enrolmentkey column, you'll need to announce the appropriate key code to each of your sections. Also make sure to tell your Client Success Specialist that you are using this option so they can configure the course correctly.