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You may wish to deactivate or activate users throughout the course of the school year as students are added or removed from your courses. Adding and removing users can be accomplished using the Participants page.

Remove user

From the Participants page, find the user you wish to remove from your course. You can use the search function at the bottom of the page to find a user quickly. In the row of the user you wish to remove, click the Remove button in the Remove from course column of the list.


You will be asked to confirm the unenrollment. Click OK.

If you need to re-add a removed student:

The user will appear under the title Former Students at the bottom of the page.


To add a student that has previously been removed back to the course, click the Add button under Add to Course. To add multiple students, check the boxes in the Select column for each student you want to add. Then click the Add Selected Users button at the bottom of the page.