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In a question, there is a series of tabs. When a student encounters a question, it displays the question tab for them. After they click Check Answer, it follows the order of tabs in an “If, then” style. For example, if they got the question correct, then it displays the Correct tab. If they got the question wrong in a way you anticipated (distractor for multiple choice, for example), then it displays the Incorrect tab specific to that mistake. If it cannot find specific feedback for what they inputted, then it goes to the Default tab.


  1. Question - This tab shows the question just as it should appear to students without feedback or answer choices selected. The content of this tab will show up on all the other tabs of the question.
  2. Solution - This tab shows the correct answer and gives a detailed explanation of it. As long as this setting is enabled, students will see this tab when they give up on a problem or get it correct and then click on the solution tab.
  3. Correct - This tab simply shows the answer and the word "Correct" at the bottom. This is the tab that automatically shows when the student submits the correct answer.
  4. Incorrect - This tab shows a specific incorrect answer choice and explains why it is wrong and gives information that should help lead the student towards the right answer.
  5. Default - This tab shows generic information asking the student to make sure they submitted an answer and/or that their current answer is wrong. This tab will be triggered only if one of the other specific incorrect tabs was not triggered.
  6. Information - This tab shows the title, description, difficulty, and cognitive type of the question as well as where it is located in the library.