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Some questions require you to indicate the chirality of molecules using wedge and dash bonds. The video below demonstrates the processes used to indicate chirality in molecules (scroll down for more tips).


Click on the image to play the video.

Drawing tips

For drawing questions, there are some things to be aware of to ensure that your answers are graded properly.

When drawing stereoisomer structures with wedge-and-dash bonds, the skinny end of the wedge bond must point towards the chirality center (asymmetric atom). Note: Our style is to always point the skinny end of dash bonds toward the chirality center. This style may differ from what you have seen in your textbook.


Also, if a chirality center contains a hydrogen atom, then the hydrogen must be drawn to ensure proper grading. In addition, the order of wedge, dash, and normal bonds around the chirality center can matter for grading.

Wedge and dash bonds must be adjacent for proper grading.