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  • Activity - A "playlist" of questions which can be assigned for students to complete.
  • Activity Editor - The place where teachers can edit the content of Activities by adding, removing, or changing questions in the "playlist".
  • Algorithmic variable - A number, word, or phrase that is randomly generated by the system from a set of author-defined parameters.
  • Courseware - Software developed for instructional purposes.
  • Drop-down - A case-specific menu of options from which a user may select.
  • E-book - An electronic version of a book.
  • Force Download - A setting which causes a document to download automatically to a computer when a link is clicked.
  • Forum - A place where students can chat to one another or to you.
  • Graded - A type of question module that can be answered by a student and then graded.
  • Groups - A set of students grouped together to make looking for information easier. Typically students will be grouped by class period.
  • IBIS - The question authoring platform used by Sapling.
  • Label - A chunk of text which can be used to label areas on your course site. Labels are non-interactive.
  • Legend - A list of symbols or abbreviations accompanying a graphic representation.
  • Library - A collection containing all of the questions for your course arranged by topic in your book. 
  • Link - An icon or piece of text which has a hyperlink embedded. When you click on a link it will take you to the website or document that the text or icon has been hyperlinked to.
  • Mainline fraction - Alphabetical and numeric values positioned centrally within a sentence, equation, or other unit of syntax--that is, neither stacked nor subscripted nor superscripted.
  • Module - Interface objects used in IBIS to make entries. Modules are designed with tools and capabilities appropriate to their function. All answer spaces are modules.
  • Pieces -Your course is created by arranging numerous "pieces" of content. Pieces include: resources, activities, forums, and labels.
  • Playlist - A list of questions that will be "played" or given to students when they select an activity.
  • Resources - Allow you to link to anywhere on the web or upload your own personal files (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) 
  • Static - A type of module that is not interactive and therefore can not be graded. Static modules are only used to provide extra information.
  • Subscribe (to a forum) - A forum setting that automatically emails a copy of every post in a forum to subscribers.
  • Tab - A tabbed page used in IBIS to present feedback to students. Authors enter feedback for various answer type, e.g., correct, incorrect, and these are presented to students depending on their answer.
  • Tolerance - A degree of difference accepted as approximately accurate within a problem.
  • Toolbar - A line of shortcuts to specific functions within the software.
  • Winked - Hidden from students. When items are winked, the eye icon will appear closed and all text will be grayed out in teacher view.