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This article will show you how to submit your writing to your peers. To learn how to see your peers' comments on your work, please read How do I see my peers' comments on my work?.

Select the peer review assignment

Click "Start"

Click "Text" to upload your writing

Select your method of sharing the paper and then click "Add Text"

Click "Assignment Options" to choose with whom you'll share your writing

Select the students with whom you want to share your writing and then click "Save Assignment Options"

Click "Response Topics" to select topics for the reader to respond to

"Response Topics" is optional and in some cases your instructor may lock this tab.

Click in the box next to the topic you want readers to respond to.

Selected topics will be the featured response areas that readers will be highlighting and commenting on as they read. To assist them as they respond to your writing, sentence starters appear in the comment box for the reader to explain their response. Both features are important to the task. If these are "unlocked," students can select or create new topics using the "Custom Topic" tool accessed by the blue button on the left. Once "Custom Topics" are created, they will be available for future assignments. Writers are able to have up to 6 areas for feedback.

Click "Save Topics" when you're done choosing.

Click "Summary Questions"

"Summary Questions" is optional and in some cases your instructor may lock this tab.

Summary questions are for the writer to solicit specific areas of general feedback about their writing. These questions should focus the reader feedback on areas they would notice after finishing the reading. Students are able to modify the content of any unlocked question.

Click "Save Questions" when you're done.

Click "Done, return to Dashboard"