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To help your students throughout the year, we've made a reference guide for you to offer them. This covers the basics that students need to know about Sapling Learning. Click the following link to download the student reference sheet.

Your students' logins

After your order, your courses, teachers, and students are created and enrolled. You or your science coordinator should receive a spreadsheet that holds all of the usernames and passwords for your school/district. Generally there is a simple pattern created for each district in terms of student username format. We do this for two reasons. First, we want to make the login experience simple for the students. Second, we need to ensure that all student usernames are unique across all of our logins.

Once you receive the student login information, you can either distribute the logins to your students by printing out the file, or just inform students of the pattern associated with their district, enabling them to log in on their own right away. 

If you need help with student logins, please contact your Client Success Specialist. They will have the ability to find lost logins, reset passwords, or create new logins if you have unused logins on your account.