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To view or change the grading policy for your Mobile Assignment, follow the instructions below.

Open the assignment

Click on the assignment on your main course page to open it.

Click the "Settings" tab

Select policy from "Assignment Policy" drop-down

View settings for each policy

When you select a new policy in the drop-down, the preset options for showing resources, number of attempts, and attempt penalty are shown.

Built-in grading policies

Mobile assignments support the following built-in policies.


  • You can check your answers. 
  • You can view solutions when you complete or give up on any question. 
  • You can keep trying to answer each question until you get it right or give up. 
  • There is no penalty for number of attempts.


  • You can check your answers.
  • You can view solutions when you complete or give up on any question.
  • You can keep trying to answer each question until you get it right or give up. 
  • You lose 5% of the points available to each answer in your question for each incorrect attempt at that answer.


  • You can see if your answers are correct once the solutions are available.
  • You can view solutions after you complete the assignment.

Random-order Test

Same as "Test" but the order of the questions within the assignment changes from student to student.

x (with periodic table)

Each policy above is also available in a version that supplies a link to a digital and printable periodic table within the assignment.

x (with forced order)

The Homework and Test policies also have an option to use forced order. Forced order requires that students answer the questions in the order they are given in the assignment. For example, students must complete question one before they can view question two.

x (with student comments)

Choosing a policy with student comments forces a student to leave a comment explaining their answer before they submit it. In Practice and Homework policies with student comments, the student must leave a comment before checking their answer. In Test policies with student comments, students must leave a comment before navigating to the next question.

Custom policies

If after reviewing the policies listed above, you decide you would rather create your own policy for this assignment, you can do so by adjusting the settings shown on the page, for example, the number of attempts.

Please note that the Show Solution slider is fixed in the on position for all policies, but you may choose when to show the solution. Make sure to select the Homework or Practice policy before you start editing if you'd like students to see the correct answer after each question. Make sure to select the Test policy if you'd like students to see the correct answers after completing the entire assignment. Both Test and Homework/Practice policies now include the option to show the solution after the due date has passed.

Click "Save"

The Save button appears at the top right when you make any changes to your policy.

If you created a custom policy, name it

Enter a unique policy name and click Save New.

The new policy's name will then appear in your policies drop-down, where it can be selected for any other assignment in your course.

You can also change policies from the Activities and Due Dates page

Click on the Grading Policy drop-down to select a new policy. Your changes will be saved automatically. If you need to edit the grading policy for more than one assignment at once, follow the instructions in the help article Bulk Edits to Activities and Due Dates.

How will changing the policy affect students who have already started the assignment?

Any change to the grading policy will retroactively affect the portion of the assignment the student has already completed. 

If you increase the number of attempts allowed, students can return to questions that they previously ran out of attempts on and use the new attempts. If you decrease the number of attempts, there will be no change to students' previous attempts. 

If you change the % penalty per incorrect attempt, that change will alter the student's score from incorrect attempts made before you changed the policy. This updated score will be available in the gradebook when any one of the following things happen:
  • the student re-opens the assignment after the policy change
  • you open the student preview of the assignment after the policy change
  • you open the assignment stats page