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Note: If you haven't yet created an account, you will not be able to log in and register for a course. For instructions on how to create an account, please see Creating Accounts. If you are coming directly from your e-mail verification link, you can jump to View course list.


To learn how to register for your Sapling Learning course, watch the following video or read the instructions below.

How to Join a Course
Click on the image to view the video.


Go to Sapling Learning homepage

To begin, go to the Sapling Learning page on the Macmillan Learning Web site.

Click your login button

Click Login or Create Account for your role.

On the pop-up screen, Higher Ed students in Canada, click Canada Higher Ed, all other Higher Ed students, click US Higher Ed. High school students, click High School.


Enter username and password

View course list

Under Enroll in a new course, you should see Courses at [Your College]. Click to expand this list and see courses arranged by subject. Click on a subject to see the terms that courses are available.

Find your course

Click on the term to expand the menu further (note that Semester 1 refers to the first course in a sequence and not necessarily the first term of the school year).

Once the menus are fully expanded, you’ll see a link to a specific course. If this is indeed the course you’d like to register for, click the link. Otherwise, continue expanding the other menus until you locate the correct link and click it.

Enter key code if necessary

You may be asked to enter a Key code, which is not the same thing as an Access Card Code from a scratch-off card. The key code (if necessary) should have been provided to you by your instructor.

Key code prompt

Enter your zipcode and pay if necessary

Most courses require payment using a credit card, a PayPal account, or an Access Card Code from a scratch-off card purchased at your bookstore. In some cases, you may have additional options to enter the course for free for x days or to use your Sapling Learning credit. You can also buy multiple terms for a bulk discount.


When you return from paying, you will be enrolled in your course. If your credit card is not accepted, it may help to create a PayPal account, store your credit card info there, then use the PayPal option to pay for Sapling Learning.

Once you have created an account and registered for a course, you can log in at any time to complete or review your homework assignments.

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