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Instructors often use LaunchPad's Flashcards to help students better understand the concepts necessary for their course. The steps below will show you how to complete a Flashcards assignment.

Click on the Flashcards assignment

In your LaunchPad Table of Contents

Choose your study mode

You can choose between two study modes:

  1. Stack mode
  2. Table mode


Stack mode

In Stack mode, cards are shown one at a time in the center of the screen, as if you're holding your flashcards in a stack.

  1. Click the flip card link (or double-click the card) to flip the card over.
  2. Click the checkbox in the upper-right corner of the card to mark it for quizzing.
  3. Click START QUIZ to quiz yourself on some cards.
  4. Click SWITCH TO TABLE MODE to switch into Table mode.
  5. Click ARRANGE CARDS to arrange cards in your stack in alphabetical order, in order by status, or randomly.


Table mode

In Table mode, cards are arranged on a simulated table, where you can lay them out and arrange them into groups. You can double-click a card to flip it over, or click and drag cards to move them around the table as much as you like.

  1. Click the checkbox in the upper-right corner of the card to mark it for quizzing.
  2. Click START QUIZ to quiz yourself on some cards.
  3. Click SWITCH TO STACK MODE to switch into Stack mode.
  4. Click ARRANGE CARDS to arrange cards on the table in alphabetical order, in order by status, or randomly.


Arrange Cards

Flashcards will, by default, be arranged alphabetically, but you can choose how you would like to arrange the cards to suit your preference.


Click on "Arrange Cards" to open the options menu

  1. Alphabetically: Cards will be arranged alphabetically, as they were when you first started the activity.
  2. By Status: Cards will be arranged with learned cards first, then cards you needed help with, then missed cards, then unquizzed cards.
  3. Randomly: Cards will be arranged in random order.


Take quiz

You can quiz yourself on the cards at any time by clicking Start Quiz.


Choose which cards to quiz yourself on

  1. Unlearned: Cards that you either haven't quizzed yourself on yet, or that you tried but gave up on during a quiz.
  2. Learned: Cards that you got right on a previous quiz.
  3. Checked: Cards that you've checked off.
  4. All: All cards in the flashcard set.


Type the correct term

  • Try to type the term that matches each definition into the white textbox, then click Check Answer to see if you're right.
  • If you don't know the term, try clicking Help.
  • If you still don't know, click Show Answer to see the term and move on.
  • Click Exit Quiz at any time to exit quiz mode. Any terms you answered correctly will be counted as having been completed.


Click "Check Answer"

If you answer incorrectly, you will have the following options.

  1. Click Try Again to enter another answer.
  2. Click Show Answer to see the correct answer.



Click "Help" to see how many letters you need to fill in to complete the card


Click "Show answer" to give up on a card and show the answer

  1. Click Next Card to see the next card in the quiz.
  2. Click Exit Quiz to quit.


Click "Exit Quiz" to stop quizzing and return to reviewing the flashcards


Click "Details"

From the main Flashcards screen, you can click Details to get a breakdown of your progress.