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You can customize labs and assignments to fit your course by using Lab Builder and modifying an existing lab as a base.

Select a base lab

From your Labs page, you will see a list of all labs available to you.


Click the Gear icon

Labs available for customization can be accessed via the Gear menu next to each lab.


Click "Customize"

Click Yes to confirm you would like to customize the lab. Custom labs will not receive our text updates, and you will need to confirm opting out before creating your custom lab.


This makes a copy of the prebuilt lab and assignment, then takes you into the customization options.

Start customizing

From the customization page, you can begin editing all aspects of the lab beginning with the lab title and description under Basic Info.


To find out more about using the other tabs, see the below help articles:

Click Save

Make sure to save any edited information using the Save button.

Complete your lab customization

Click the Done Customizing button to finish editing your lab.

Your custom lab will now be available to preview on your Labs page and in the lab picker when assigning labs to a section.

Try the Custom lab filter

You can easily find custom labs by selecting the Custom Labs filter on your Labs page.


If you need to edit your lab:

You can customize your lab further at any time by selecting Edit from the lab's Gear menu.