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WriterKey allows you to collaborate on and share Students, Assignments, and entire classes.

From your dashboard, navigate to the resource you'd like to share with a collaborator

Sharing a class:

Select a class from the "My Classes" box on the left of your dashboard


Click the "Sharing" tab

Jump to the next step.


Sharing a student:

Select the class the student attends from the "My Classes" box on the left of the dashboard


Click the "Roster/Conferences" tab, then click the name of the student you wish to share with the collaborator


Click the "Sharing" tab

Note that the button here says + Add Viewer instead of + Add CollaboratorJump to the next step.


Sharing an assignment:

Select an existing assignment in your feed

Note that you can also choose to share an assignment as you create it. For more information on how to create an assignment, please read the help article How do I create an assignment?. If you are creating a new assignment, skip ahead to the Assignment Sheet screen.


Click the "Edit" icon from the actions bar

On the "Assignment Sheet" screen click the "Collaborate" icon from the actions bar

Click the "+ Add Collaborator" or "+ Add Viewer" button

Depending on whether you are sharing a class, student, or assignment, this screen will look slightly different, but you will always have the option to add a collaborator or a viewer.

Choose the collaborator from the "Teacher" drop-down selector


Select a description from the "Relevance" drop-down selector


Click the blue "Save Collaborator" button

Once you have added a collaborator, the collaborator will need to refresh/reload their Dashboard before the shared class/student/assignment will be available to them.


View what you are sharing

To see an overview of all resources that have been shared with/by you, go to your Dashboard, hover over the More button, and click Sharing.