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A rubric is a tool that your instructor may use to communicate the expectations for an assignment. It lists the criteria and describes levels of quality from excellent to poor.

This image shows the rubric for an impromptu speech assignment.

This rubric includes headings such as Topic, Introduction, and Physical Delivery. It includes subheadings such as "interesting and creative" and "tone of speech appropriate to the topic" under Topic. Each heading and subheading specifies a minimum and maximum number of points possible.

How do I use a rubric to score videos?

Open the Video Assignment

Click on the Video Assignment from your LaunchPad home page or your Writer's Help 2.0 Assignments page.


Click "Open Video Review"


Click the "Rubric" tab


Score the video

  1. The Criteria to Score counter will let you know how many criteria you've scored as you go.
  2. The Total points awarded counter will let you know how many points you've awarded as you go.
  3. Click the boxes corresponding to the grade you want to give for each of the various criteria.
  4. Use the scroll bar on the right to view the rest of the rubric.


Return to the "Assignment" tab

You can submit the assignment if you've fulfilled the minimum requirements set by your instructor. Look at the Assignment Details to find out if there are any requirements that you haven't fulfilled.

If you're ready you can now Submit the Assignment.


Click "Done"


Score other videos

If you're required to grade your fellow students' videos you can now do that. Click on the videos one at a time and repeat the above steps.