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Important Notes:

--Be sure flash is activated in your browser.

--Working in two tabs at once will result in a sub-par experience and may result in incorrect grading of your assignment.

Click the assigned Homework activity from the Home Page


Note the Homework policies

In the navigation bar at the top you will see:

  • The title of the activity;
  • The point total and if you have earned points toward that point total;
  • The due date and time.

Under policies you will learn:

  • The due date and time;
  • Which attempt (if your teacher is giving you more than one) will be reported to the gradebook;
  • If you can save and return to a question after starting the activity.

Click "Start the Homework" or choose to "Attempt" a particular question

Because homework assignments allow you to submit answers to an activity on a question-by-question basis, there are two ways to begin taking the homework:

  1. By clicking the "Start the Homework" button. This will start the activity from the very first question in the activity.
  2. By clicking the "Attempt" button associated with an individual question.
  • If you click "Start the Homework", then the first question in the activity will display;
  • If you click "Attempt", then that specific question will display;
  • From here you can answer the question by using the answer fields that appear.

Continue navigating

On the lower right hand corner you will see three options:

  1. Directions: to see the quiz policies again;
  2. Save: to Save your answer. This will take you back to the main homework page where you can start the homework again when you're ready;
  3. Submit: to submit your answer. See below for more on submitting your answer.


Once you submit your question you will see the results.


Continue navigating

On the lower right hand corner you will see up to four options:

  1. Status. A paper icon will appear indicating that your response has been submitted (hover over the paper icon to see your submission status).
  2. Retake. Click here to retake the quiz. You will only see this button if you have more attempts left.
  3. Start. You can click the start button to move to the next question.
  4. Done. Click Done if you're done with the homework. Clicking done will bring you to a screen (see below) that shows the status of all the questions in the Homework.


  • Click "Start" to begin a question again. Notice in the example below that the "Start" button is grayed out. That means that you used up all the attempts.
  • Click the down-arrow in the "Review" column to see how you answered that particular attempt.

Click "Details" in lower right

This will bring up a screen showing you your score so far, the due date for the homework and how you answered the homework questions.

Click "Close" to return to the above Status screen.