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Your instructor may assign assessments for you to complete with the lab. You will see any assigned lab assessments appear below the Lab Title on your Assignments page.

Once you've run the lab, your assessment will unlock and you can begin working on your assignments. Assignments will not unlock until you have begun work in the lab.

Locked assignments appear grayed out.


Unlocked assignments appear with a black, active link.


NOTE: Assignments are subject to the due dates assigned for that lab.

Click on the image to zoom in.

Click the "Short Answer" title link

This will open the Short Answer assignment.

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The field on the left contains the assignment. The field on the right contains the work you completed in the lab, including NotesPortfolioGraphing, and Data.

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Enter answers

Type your answers directly into the fields or tables below the questions. The assignment functions like a word processing program.

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Save often

Please be sure to save your assignment periodically by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page. This will prevent you from losing your work.

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Click "Submit For Grading" when finished

When you're ready to submit the assignment to your instructor, click the Submit button. Your lab notes and portfolio will automatically be submitted as well.

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