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The menus and buttons at the top of the Assignment and Answer Key fields look and act like those of most word processing programs, but there are a few functions that are worth explaining in more detail.


Insert/Edit Table

Allows you to specify number and dimensions of columns and rows, as well as cell padding (the space around the text within the cell), cell spacing (the border between cells), and alignment.

You can also edit existing tables by clicking into the table and using the pop-up toolbar.


Add Graph

If you have a question in your assignment where you'd like students to plot a graph, click the space in the assignment where you want it inserted. Once you see that the typing cursor is in the correct place, click the Graph button in the editing toolbar. A graphing button will appear in the assignment that will allow students to create and insert graphs into this exact place.


Add Image

To insert an image into an assignment, click the Insert/edit image button.

Use the Browse button to the right of the Source field to browse our image library or upload your own images.


Click on the desired image to select it.


You can define the image size in the window below, or, once you've returned to the assignment editor, you can drag the corners of its border to resize it.


Add Video

Adding a video is very similar to adding an image. Just select the Insert/edit video icon.

Currently you cannot upload videos to Late Nite Labs, but you can Embed videos that are already uploaded to sites like YouTube or Vimeo.