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  • Multiple Attempts: You may attempt each question over and over until you either get it correct, or give up and view the solution.
  • Attempt Penalty: Each incorrect answer docks 5% from your score on that question. (For example, if you get a question correct on the third try, you get a 90% on that question. ) The individual question scores then get averaged to give your score on the assignment.
  • Partial Credit (for multi-part questions): Each part of a question that is submitted correctly or incorrectly contributes points toward your score.
  • Rounding (Significant Figures): You will not be graded on the number of significant figures in numeric answers (unless the question specifies that you must include the proper number of significant figures). By default, you just need to be within 2% of the correct answer. To prevent errors, do not round off answers at each step of your calculations. Instead, keep all the digits until the very end. 

*Note that your teacher may choose to change the grading policy from the default.